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It's loaded with parts listings, photographs and useful tips to help you select the right items. Gas tanks, gas tank accessories, battery boxes, grilles, bumpers, running boards and much more. To download a PDF copy of our catalog to your computer click the catalog cover to the right. Our catalog is 53 pages and the file size for the complete catalog is 1.6 MB. If you do not need the entire catalog, you can download specific sections from the links below.

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Rock Valley Antique Auto Parts Order Form  (47 K)

Access Doors  (57 K)
  • Gas Tank
  • Master Cylinder
  • T.P.I. Pump
  • 11 x 15 Door

Braces  (50 K)
  • Fender Support
Bug Screens  (48 K)
Bumpers  (182 K) Bumper Brackets  (127 K) Bumper Bolts  (49 K)
Bumper Guards  (49 K)
Bumper Spreader Bar  (49 K)

Dash Boards  (46 K)
Door Hinge Pins  (46 K)

Extension Tubing  (41 K)

Fender Bolts  (50 K)
Fuel Line Hose  (56 K)
Fuel Pumps  (40 K)
Fuel Pick Up Tubes  (52 K)

Gas Caps  (56 K)
Gas Tank Necks  (90 K)
Gas Tanks  (448 K) Gas Tank Fittings  (69 K)
Gas Tank Mount Bolt & Spring Kits  (56 K)
Gas Tank Vents  (52 K)
  • Ball Check Assembly
  • Ball Check Fitting
Gas Tank Senders  (56 K)
  • Gas Tank Sender Plate
  • Sending Units
  • Gasket
Grille  (114 K)
  • Mercury Lower

Hood Hinge Rods  (49 K)

Radiator Support Rods  (49 K)
Reflectors  (112 K)
  • Tail Lamp
Running Boards  (61 K)
  • Chevrolet Pick-up
  • Ford Pick-up

Spring Poly  (61 K)

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